Friday, August 31, 2012

. .samsung :)

blog e yokoso yaya ayarus

which one is better for me :(

becouse of my nokia pinky now already old and sometimes love to sleep!

I'm just prefer to choose samsung again :)
that will be a partner of my Samsung Galaxy Tab

Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung Galaxy S2

for the attention, all my siblings now use the samsung same with mr japang' siblings 
i don't want to use same model with them but if no choice, why not?

My family and siblings :

Ayahanda Ghani Ismail : Samsung Corby 2 GT S3850 White
Bonda Mazirah Desa : Samsung Corby 2 GT S3850 Pinky
Abang Shafarif Ghani : Samsung Galaxy S3  Blue Black
Kakak Ipar Tengku Ziana : Samsung S Advance White
Adik Sazren Ghani : Samsung Galaxy S 2 White
Aku Suraya Ghani : Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000

Mr Japang' family :

Bonda Azlida Shaarani : Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
Abang Shakir : Samsung Galaxy S3 
Kak Lea : Samsung Galaxy S3 

so, which model of Samsung Mobile Phone you prefer us to choose now?
tonight will publish :)

Thanks all :)

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